Philips Offers Portable Media Players

Philips is getting in on the portable media player market with four new models

In what is an already portable media player market, Philips is offering up its GoGear range of units just in time for Xmas.

First is the Philips GoGear Opus portable digital video player that has16GB of memory, plus a 2.8 inch QVGA color screen, and it can record online videos directly from the PC.

The unit’s ergonomically designed headphones feature Philips Angled Acoustics technology to direct music more precisely within the curvature of the ear canal, claims the manufacturer. Turbo Bass air vents allow a deeper, tighter bass performance while the three sizes of interchangeable ultra-soft silicon ear caps provide both exceptional comfort and excellent noise isolation, for enjoyment of hi-end sounds with less external interference.

Users can enjoy up to 30-hour music or 6-hour video playback within a single charge.
Second is the GoGear Aria offers a more compact package to the GoGear Opus with its 2-inch full colour LCD screen display and 4GB of storage memory. It also comes equipped with Philip’s FullSound technology, internet video download and a pair of high-definition headphones.

During music playback, the screen displays all of the information needed, showing six lines of text and full-colour album art.

Third up is the GoGear Vibe, which comes with a 1.5 inch full colour display, and has an array of features, such as Album Art, which displays album artwork embedded in the music files – users can have a richer and more enjoyable music experience.

Other features include an RDS FM tuner with 20 presets as well as a built-in microphone with the option for voice or radio recordings direct to the internal storage.

Finally, there is the GoGear Mix, which features a push-out USB making file transfer a snap – no cables required. It also comes with a full colour display, as well as up to 25 hours of music playback with its built-in battery.

Other features include an FM radio with 20 presets for more music options, equaliser to suit all music preferences and a voice recorder function to take notes and record any conversations anytime, anywhere.

GoGear Opus $269.95 (16GB) and 229.95(8GB)
GoGear Aria $179.95 (8GB) and $149.95 (4GB)
GoGear ViBE $149.95 (8GB) and $119.95 (4GB)
GoGear Mix $89.95(4GB)