PETA wants you to be mean, virtually

In the lead up to Thanksgiving, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have turned to video games to get their message across.

Thanks to the Internet, games are now being used for political messages. Especially flash games.

Last month the Red Cross made use of video games to portray the brutality of war, and now the PETA are using a Flash game to highlight the brutality of being a Thanksgiving turkey.

Players get to prepare the turkey, which after gutting, stuffing, severing the neck and a quick saute of the body parts, causes the iconic mama – modeled after the mum in the Cooking Mama Nintendo DS game – to have a change of heart to serve a turkey made of tofu instead.

Along the way the game provides facts about how turkeys are treated, compelling the player to “Take the Pledge to Be Veg!” at the end.

Source: Kotaku