PancakeBot is the world’s first pancake printer

We've all seen incredible pancake art videos on YouTube, highlighting weird and wonderful edible creations ranging from grumpy cat to lace hearts to The Beatles. Of course, this requires a helluva lot of practice, patience and some artistic flair.

PancakeBot, manufactured by StoreBound, is the cheat's way of making artistic edibles. Described as the "world's first pancake printer", PancakeBot uses an automated batter dispenser to literally draw pancakes onto a griddle. In addition to several pre-loaded designs, users are able to load custom designs for printing using an SD slot. PancakeBot will ship with software (Windows and Mac compatible) for creating these.

Users are required to make their own batter, but PancakeBot will work with most recipes, provided they aren't too lumpy. As such, StoreBound recommends avoiding additions such as chocolate chips or berries.

StoreBound is crowdfunding PancakeBot through Kickstarter and has, at time of writing, raised 359% of its USD$50,000 goal. Backers who pledge USD$179 will receive a PancakeBot in July. After the campaign, PancakeBot will retail for USD$299.

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