Panasonic Needs Apps – And Fast

  • Panasonic launches developer portal
  • Designed for cloud-based IPTV service
  • Uses streamlined processes to speed up time to market

Apps are important to any piece of consumer electronics where multimedia is a key ingredient – Apple realised this a while ago, as did Google and thus they have huge app stores. Blackberry has just realised recently that it needs one, and now Panasonic is getting on the bandwagon, but you need developers to come to the party.

With that in mind, Panasonic Australia is encouraging homegrown developers to create locally focused applications for the parent company’s new global IPTV service, VIERA Connect.

It recently launched its VIERA Connect Developers portal that will allow developers to create content for the cloud-based IPTV service found on new Panasonic VIERA televisions.

VIERA Connect provides viewers with a line up of applications that run on Panasonic's Application Execution Engine, with the following features:

  • Cloud-based IPTV service
  • Fast startup and quick response that provides seamless screen transitions on the TV
  • Rich multimedia expression using three dimensional graphic technology

The portal will use market leading streamlined processes to improve time to market for application developers and media companies.

The portal site will further expand the number of applications for VIERA Connect by providing access to VIERA Connect's application program interface (API), technical information, reference code and other assistance required to develop VIERA Connect applications.

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