Panasonic Joins 3D Circus

With an explosion of 3D TVs about to hit the market, Panasonic is one of the first to get its licks in…

Panasonic has revealed its Full HD 3D television range for the Australian market at an expo in Melbourne. Like Samsung’s recent offering, the new television is about to change the viewing landscape forever.

The 3D picture is created by displaying Full HD images alternately for the left and right eyes. In synch with the images displayed, the 3D eyewear opens and closes the left and right shutters. The viewer’s brain then reconstructs the separate images to create a Full HD 3D picture.

The Panasonic Full HD 3D Viera Series features Neo Plasma technology, which boosts light emission speed and reduces picture crosstalk.

Paul Reid, Director, Consumer Electronics Group, Panasonic Australia, said the Neo Plasma approach far surpassed previous 3D technologies. “Qualities such as speed, contrast and viewing angles are all inherent strengths of Neo Plasma and Panasonic has been a leader in these benchmarks for a number of years. As a young technology Plasma continues to be best placed to take advantage of 3D TV.”

A higher screen resolution is also said to contribute to an immersive and satisfying 3D experience.  Panasonic Full HD 3D Neo Plasma TVs are able to maintain 1080 lines of moving picture resolution for both the left and right eye images.

Panasonic also previewed its Full HD 3D Camcorder – the AG-3DA1. An easy to use, flexible professional camcorder allowing videographers to capture immersive 3D content on the fly, it is ideal for documentary and lifestyle film-making projects as well as some sports.

Panasonic’s new Viera models display high-resolution Full HD 3D pictures. The new Neo Plasma technology boosts light emission speed and reduces afterglow, resulting in minimum crosstalk between left and right eye images. This means that with Panasonic’s Full HD 3D, viewers enjoy clear, exquisitely beautiful images with an incredibly powerful 3D effect.

With Viera Cast, viewers can access certain Internet content, just by clicking a button on their TV remote control while sitting in their living room. For example, users can view such familiar content as YouTube and Picasa, as well as stock information on Bloomberg and weather forecasts, directly on their Viera TV.  With the new feature of Skype voice and video calling, users can connect an optional camera to view the other party’s image on the big Viera TV screen as they converse.

The precision shutter control on the 3D eyewear is timed to open and close the right and left lenses in synchronisation with the alternating images to provide high-quality 3D viewing. This technology solves the problems of image deterioration and blurring that were common to conventional 3D methods, and brings theatre-quality images right into your living room. Combined with the Neo Plasma technology, this gives the viewer clear images with minimum viewing fatigue. 

One pair of 3D eyewear is supplied with each Full HD 3D TV.  The eyewear can be adjusted to fit various face shapes and sizes, from children to adults.  Their durable hinges can withstand repeated opening and closing and the eyewear comes with two sets of nose pads, one for adults and one for children. Each pad can be mounted in three adjustable steps to ensure an optimal fit.

The eyewear is also designed to be worn comfortably over ordinary prescription glasses.  An Auto Power Off function automatically turns the eyewear off if they are placed in a location outside the viewing range for 5 minutes, even if the TV remains turned on.  The eyewear uses a coin-shaped lithium battery (CR2032) and a case is included.