Oz To Miss Out On PS2 Price Cuts

Sony decides that Australian gamers don’t need a price cut on PS2 console.

While America gets the benefit of Sony’ Computer Entertainment’s decision to slash the price of the PS2 console, Australian consumers will not be so lucky.

Although the PS3 struggles to keep up with the Wii in terms of sales, the PS2 is still quite popular and a recent survey by Neilsen in the US in December 2008 says that it is still the most popular gaming console in use today (and why wouldn’t it be with the head start it got on other consoles).

The official response from Sony Computer Entertainment is: Pricing of the highly popular PS2 console in this market is already comparable as of 1 April; providing family fun at an affordable standalone retail price of AUD$199.95.

We beg to differ. At the current exchange rate a US$99 PS2 would cost A$143, which is almost a 25 percent price difference. Some would say there is postage/packaging involved as well as US sales tax, however, this is about marketing and perception. And the perception is Australia has missed out on a cheap version of its PS2.