On holiday with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2

As most parents would know, when you travel with kids, you need a way to distract them. Whether it's a road trip or flight, a means of mass distraction is a must, less you want to face endless cries of "are we there yet?".

The recent school holidays gave my family a chance to get away, and while I don't like to rely on technology as a parenting crutch, the break is when the kids get a little spoilt. This time around, Samsung's Galaxy Tab S2 was my travelling companion of choice. Our flight was just about two hours, so I wanted to make sure my girls had something appropriate to watch on the way there, and on the way back.

The first thing that impressed me about the Galaxy Tab S2 just how light it is. The 9.7-inch model I took weighs just over 390 grams. Impressively, the optional folio case barely adds any bulk. Given how strict baggage allowances are getting, I think it was a good choice. It also has the benefit of being the perfect size for a tray table.

Other useful features include 32GB of expandable storage, which means there's plenty of room for movies, and a bright, colourful screen with wide-viewing angles. The tablet gets shared between my two eldest girls, so I wanted them to both be able to watch comfortably. I've also got a double adapter that cost me about AUD$4 on eBay that lets them each have their own set of headphones.


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