Noise Cancelling Bluetooth From Motorola

Motorola’s latest venture into the bluetooth market might not be as functional as you think.

Motorola’s new Bluetooth headset is its first headset to combine Motorola’s CrystalTalk noise cancellation technology with a stealth mode so you can hear and be heard in the fiercest environments.

When tested recently by Charlie Brown on the Today Show three weeks ago, it was found that that noise cancelling technology was not working as well as it should. Brown stood next to a running car and the person at the other end could not hear him properly.

Motorola says that when the stealth mode is activated, true bone conduction technology relays only your voice while knocking out the most extreme noise and wind.

Created with the same bone conduction technology that special military forces around the world use, it activated with a touch of a button that instantly triggers bone conduction technology. This technology uses an in-ear sensor to seal off outside noise, rather than relying on an exposed exterior microphone. As you speak, the sensor taps your vocal vibrations and seamlessly converts them to speech so the listener hears your voice and only your voice.

Motorola’s award-winning CrystalTalk noise cancellation technology is always on, and is claimed to reduce everyday background noise, and the stealth mode is easily activated with the press of a button.

Motorola’s Multipoint technology allows you to connect to more than one device, and you can talk more and charge less with up to seven hours of talk time, says the manufacturer.