Nintendo Wii sending people to the doctor

Did you get a Nintendo Wii this Christmas? Don’t push yourself too hard when you play otherwise you might be another victim…

If anyone opened up their presents and got a Nintendo Wii, we have a warning about a new medical condition that England’s The Sun newspaper are warning us about.

It’s called Wii-itus and about 10 people are being hospitalised every week because of it.

Caused by injuries sustained by playing the Wii, sufferers of Wii-itus get treated with anti-inflammatories and even cortisone injections.

Geeze. You wouldn’t think a family friendly console would do that to someone.

Apparently Wii-itus could potentially lead to “rheumatism and arthritis in later life.”

Just wow. And here I thought the Nintendo Wii did people some good by forcing them off of their backsides.

So there’s your warning people: don’t exert yourself too much when playing the Wii. It is just a game after all!

Source: The Sun