Nintendo Wii Outsells Playstation 3 Five To One

Sony’s Playstation 3 appears to be dragging down Sony’s profits as Nintendo’s Wii tramples all over it.

News syndication service Reuters are reporting today that the Nintendo Wii outsold the Sony Playstation 3 five to one in Japan during the month of May. This is staggering news to Sony who at the end of March posted a loss of almost two billion US dollars from the Playstation 3.

Meanwhile, Microsoft have released the numbers from the Halo 3 Beta. Apparently there were in excess of 820,000 users playing the Halo 3 Beta which totalled just over 12 million hours of online gameplay.

As such, Microsoft anticipate that Halo 3 will sell a lot of Xbox 360’s. Shane Kim, the corporate vice-president of Microsoft Game Studios had this to say: “Witnessing such a great reaction to a small portion of the game has been inspiring. It’s a testament to the fervor and anticipation that surrounds Halo 3. We’re confident that on Sept. 25 Halo 3 will drive an unprecedented wave of new gamers to the Xbox 360 platform and Xbox Live.”

This is one of those moments where you go “well duh”. Seriously, who in the gaming community didn’t know that Halo 3 would sell a lot of consoles? It’s one of the biggest selling and most anticipated series of games in the world… of course it’s going to sell more gamers to the Xbox 360!

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