Nintendo to replace Wii-mote straps

Nintendo said it would replace wrist straps on its new Wii console with a “newer version” after reports of controllers crashing into users’ television screens.

A page on the company’s website also hosts a comparison photograph to help customers work out whether they need a replacement.

Complaints about the strap’s flimsy connection to the Wii remote controller received widespread attention in the aftermath of the console’s launches in the US, Japan and Europe, prompting Nintendo to issue advice on how best to avoid mishap.

But the company denied it was recalling the equipment, saying there was “no problem with the current wrist strap if it is used reasonably and instructions furnished by Nintendo in user manuals included with the game are followed.”

Vispi Bhopti, spokesman for Nintendo Australia, said that while most of the Wii units shipped to Australia would offer the newer, thicker straps, concerned owners should contact Nintendo Australia.

“If anyone does have a broken wrist strap they can contact Nintendo Australia and we’ll send an upgraded one to them free of charge,” he said.

Source: SMH

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