Nintendo DSi heads to Australia

The Nintendo DS replacement is almost here says someone from the UK. Look out world, the Nintendo DSi is coming!

If you’re like me and you’ve got an aging Nintendo DS (Phat) with its impossible-to-calibrate screen or you’re looking for a way to ditch the DS Lite, you’re probably in line for the next big step from Nintendo, the DSi.

Well, guess what? We’re getting closer to Nintendo saying that it’s ok for you to buy one at your local game store.

It’s now been confirmed that the UK will be getting the Nintendo DSi in early-to-mid April.

TechRadar confirmed the information today with a Nintendo spokespersons telling them “It is definitely out in the spring.”

In the past, European dates for Nintendo DS releases have neared what they were in our own locale. The original had a month or so difference between Australia and Europe and even the DS Lite was a few weeks in difference. In each of those cases, Australia actually came first.

The Nintendo DS Lite will be three years old since its initial release in Australia in June of 2006 so it makes sense that Nintendo throws something new out in the market.

The third version of the DS console includes more internal memory, an SD card slot, a faster main processor, larger screens, two cameras, and no Game Boy Advance slot. The lack of a GBA slot might actually irritate some people who want to play games like “Guitar Here: On Tour” as well as any other game that requires the use of the older style slot.

No price on the DSi yet but it is half-expected that Nintendo will keep the DS Lite running for sale as a result of needing that extra slot at the bottom for games. Still, save some money come April if you want the next big fashion item from Nintendo.

Source: TechRadar