New Need For Speed on the way

Electronic Arts look set to rev their engines and push Need For Speed in three new directions.

EA aren’t stupid. They know you didn’t like the last Need For Speed game much. Despite all of the effort that went into producing it, the title just didn’t jibe with the whole Need For Speed feel that we’re all used to.

But Electronic Arts are not stupid. They’re working on a way to revitalise the series, something that no one thought could be done especially given the rumours that EA would be killing the Need For Speed series shortly after Undercover.

That’s why EA have come back and said “hey, we’ve got three new games coming out” and followed it up with “yeah, you heard us: three.”

Okay, so they didn’t word it like that. What they did say was there are three new games on the way and they’re looking like this:

Need for Speed Shift
Developed by Slightly Mad Studios working with Michael Mann from Black Box, the new game Shift will be more like that true hardcore racing game that Need For Speed fans might remember from the early days of NFS. With “a stunningly realistic first-person cockpit view camera and an all-new crash mechanic,” this is one Need For Speed that should buck the trend and go back to its roots.

We hope, anyway.

Need For Speed Shift will be released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, and the PC in Australia’s Spring of 2009.

Next up is…

Need For Speed Nitro
EA Montreal over there in Canada are taking the keys on this one and turning the air conditioner all the way up.

Nitro is going to be one of those racing games that aims to be cool. Real cool.

Just listen to the press release:

Gamers can build up their boost as they drift and drag behind their opponents and use it strategically to change the course of the race, but watch out for the cops! Offering a fresh and unique visual style, the game features a variety of licensed cars which can be fully customized to let the game reflect the player’s taste and personality.

This title is headed directly to gamers on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS so it’ll aim to take advantage of each of their specific types of hardware.

If all of these names hadn’t given something away, it looks like EA might have turned over a new leaf. Perhaps the Need For Speed series can revive itself from the mediocrity it found itself in for the past few years?

I certainly hope so. At one point, it was one of the best racing series’ on the planet. Let’s see if EA can bring it back to its original glory.

Then there’s one title that has me a little bit confused…

Click to enlarge

Need For Speed World Online
Need For Speed Online is one of those games you might think would have worked years ago before every PC gamer realised that the only online games PC gamers are still playing are First-Person Shooters, MMORPGS & Real-Time Strategies. It’s a title that you have to question the viability of especially since most racing games seem to work better on consoles and that’s where most of the action is.

Regardless, here’s what EA have to say about Need For Speed World Online…

Co-developed by Black Box and EA Singapore, Need for Speed World Online takes the race into the largest open world in the history of Need for Speed – designed exclusively for the PC. Beginning in Asia, this Play 4 Free action racing game will give Need for Speed fans access to licensed cars, parts and multiple game modes. Players will prove their racing supremacy through the sophisticated online matchmaking features and fully customize their profile and their ride.

I have to admit that it sounds good but just is it what PC gamers want? Only time will tell

To hit up the rest of the press release, check out our nice shiny link.