New Stats Show Changing Face of Gaming

  • No longer loners
  • Large percentage of female gamer
  • 73 percent of gamers are over 18

A new study claims to show that the perceptions of gamers and gaming, and the reality, are starting to change.

Stereotypically gamers have been adolescent nerds sitting in their darkened bedrooms destroying all comers on the latest first-person-shooter game for hours on end.

This new report claims that avid gamers are bucking the stereotype and popping up in all walks of life. Research from Australia’s peak body for video games gives us the stats to back this up, showing some key changes in the makeup of the gaming community. Interactive Games &  Entertainment Association (iGEA) says there have been many changes over the past few years when it comes to gamers. Here are a few of the findings:

  • 73 percent of gamers are over 18
  • 47 percent of gamers are female
  • 41 percent prefer to buy their games from a store in a new box, while 23 percent will download it from an online store and 14 percent will buy a new item from an online store
  • 69 percent of gamers enjoy playing with others rather than playing alone.

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