New Sennheiser headphones really do sound better

Some new Sennheiser headphones announced today make sound just that much better with one new pair even allowing you to adjust the bass.

Are you still using your iPod earbuds? Whatever the hell for?!

Chances are, if you’re using the pre-packaged earbuds that came with whatever mp3 player you bought, you’re doing some damage to your ears. Aside for the obvious tinny sound, over-the-top bass, and other bits that don’t make it sound too fantastic, you’re probably pushing sound past any decent level making it more of a pain for your ears… or more of a pain that you just don’t see – or hear – coming.

Sennheiser today have announced some new in-ear buds today that have been designed to provide some of the best audio quality that audio sources provide.

You’d probably seen these things commonly known as “in-ear buds”, contraptions that look a lot like flat ear-buds that go inside the ear. We in the industry call them “canal phones” because you’re basically sticking them in your ear canal.

The basic premise of the canal phone is that because it’s in your ear, you don’t need to pump the sound up quite so high to get the same sort of volume. Compare that to when you regularly use earbuds that sit in the ear just outside the ear canal: you might not realise that you’re pumping up the sound all that high but your ear does.

The new models – IE 6, 7 and 8 – cater to different audiences ranging from the IE6 for people who love rocking bass, the IE7 if you’re more into a variety of music and dig the balanced sound, or the IE8 which is Sennheiser’s new top-of-the-range canalphone that even comes with a way to adjust the type of bass response this headphone sends out.

While the bass adjusting technology might be of interest to people, lovers of audio might be keen to point out that this isn’t new as rival Sleek Audio’s SA6 have had a bass and treble adjustment technology since it was released earlier this year.

Written by Leigh D. Stark