New phone concepts from Japan

Phones that you can pull apart and phones that recharge in the sun? We’re checking out some of the newest ideas emerging in Japan today.

Once again the world is playing showcase to yet another tech show where we get to see a whole bunch of innovations Australia probably won’t get to see.

Regardless, here’s some of the stuff happening at CEATEC, also known as the Combined Exhibition of Advanced TEChnologies (yeah, smart acronym). This is sort of like the Consumer Electronics Show we reported on in January but… in Japan.

So what’s being shown there? Well we know how much you all love phones. I mean just look at you all… you want to touch them, speak to them, and… break them.

DoCoMo, a group now separated from Japan’s Nippon Telegraph & Telecom Corporation, have worked together with Fujitsu to come up with a prototype that you can intentionally pull apart. The phone comes in two parts with the screen and keyboard being part of separate thin units linked together by magnets. Data is sent to and from the devices by way of Bluetooth and the segmented design means that you can make the phone fit any form factor you like including a flip-phone clamshell or even one where the keyboard slides out from underneath.

Just don’t let your friends pull it apart and don’t tell them it’s supposed to do that. That’d be mean. Unless you like being mean.

The design nuts at KDDI’s offshoot au – another Japanese company – have come up with a way so that you will never run out of power again and they look like they’ve designed it with the Australian outback in mind. Or they would have if it was going into production anyway.

While it looks like a satellite, the solar panels on this fold-out phone actually charge the phone when it’s run out or running out of power. In a place like Australia where the sun almost always shines, I can’t think of a better device to stop all those complaints of low battery life.

Source & Images: Akihabara News