New forcefield technology will blow your mind

Much like Star Trek’s Holodeck concept, this new tech will make objects appear out of nothing.

We’ve all seen visions of the future painted in series like Star Trek & Star Wars where technology can create objects out of nothing and project them into space. This level of holography isn’t quite there yet but one new exciting achievement might just bring us a step closer thanks in part to the work done by a team at the University of Tokyo.

The Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display is a new device that makes use of an ultrasound concept called “acoustic radiation pressure,” an idea that uses ultrasound transducers to project a force-field into free space.

The video seen here shows just how it can be used with a Utah teapod as the object being used to touch. Ultimately, we’d like to see the video with a sheet dropped over the invisible teapot just to show what’s happening, but still this is incredible.

Just think of the possibilities this could soon bring.

Source: University of Tokyo