New Blu-ray technology makes 100GB burning possible

A new Sanyo laser technology on the way will give you the ability to burn 100GB in ten minutes.

While Samsung executives are stating that Blu-ray hasn’t got much life in it, the ball may truly be in Sony’s court thanks to some new technology heading out of the Sanyo camp.

A new laser technology developed by Sanyo has twice the wattage of current Blu-ray burners at 450 milliwatts and can burn discs at up to 12x as well as through four 25 gigabyte layers.

The approximate result is 100GB burned in 10 minutes, a speed which could well make Blu-ray backups better and easier than backing up to hard drives right now. It’s unknown whether this will be more economical and we’re likely to say no, but we should know more when the technology goes into production within two years.