New Apple App Helps Find Cash

A new application for the iPhone and iPod Touch helps find ATM machines

A handy wee app now available from the Apple Application Store is the ATM Hunter, which helps you find the nearest ATM machine to you.

The brainchild of credit card company MasterCard, the new application is free for download. Users type in their current location, and ‘voila’ a list will appear of the nearest ATM’s to your location.

It goes a couple of steps further because you can search for those that don’t charge a fee if you use another bank’s card, and which are wheelchair accessible.

However, the downside is that it is not known when it will be available in Australia, and is currently available in Korea. We think it’s a great idea for Australia, especially within the huge metropolises of Sydney and Melbourne where a person can’t possibly know all the locations of ATM’s.