Music On Demand For PS3

Yet more features get put on the PS3, so now you can have music on demand.

Sony music video on demand service, VidZone on PS3, will bring music content straight to your TV screens and living rooms. VidZone TV will offer a choice of more than 100 free pre- programmed music channels, selected and created by VidZone to suit different moods and music tastes.

Via a new VidZone update, VidZone’s users will be able to select a music channel they want and let the music roll. No time to build your own playlist or search the catalogue? Want a certain type of music for a certain mood? A specific year? A genre or artist? Or just exploring? Find the channel you want by searching – under ‘Artist’ from Alicia Keys to Tiesto, ‘Genre’ from Rock and Pop to Hip-Hop and Bollywood, ‘Year’ from 70s to 2010, ‘Label’ from Major to Indie labels like Sony Music and Skint Records or ‘General’ for everything from Karaoke Favourites, Party Tunes to Video Games Music TV – and you have your very own music TV experience.

VidZone is free and easy to use and can be downloaded via the Playstation Store, find it under the ‘music’ icon on your PS3’s XrossMediaBar (XMB) menu and you’re away.

As well as watching one of the new pre-programmed music channels with VidZone TV, you can also select individual videos to watch on their own via VidZone On- Demand. Here you have the option of pausing, skipping, fast-forwarding and rewindingā€“ or you can create your own library of streaming music and make custom playlists for every occasion.