Music Fans To Appear In Videos

A new Myspace application allows music fans to appear in the videos of their favourite artists

MySpace Music has launched a new application that enables music fans to star alongside stars in the world of pop, hip-hop, dance, indie and rock music, in a range of personalised videos.

Around 16 thousands Myspace users have already found and engaged with the application before the promotional campaign kicks off in Australia this week.

The application, which is accessible at, works by seamlessly inserting fans’ photos into the videos, each of which has been filmed exclusively for MySpace by the eight artists. The completed clips can then be easily shared via MySpace, email, Twitter, or posted to the user’s Facebook profile. The artists have all been brought on board to represent a range of genres that reflect the diverse wealth of music content now available on MySpace Music.

Artists include:

  •  Alicia Keys – the talented diva sings a song just for you – with your picture pride of place
    50 Cent – the US rap icon has a favourite new piece of art – you.
  • Florence and the Machine – join Florence on a photoshoot and appear amongst the Polaroid snaps
  • David Guetta – the superstar DJ spins some tunes, and you’re the face of the party
  • Lostprophets – a sneak peek into a rock’n’roll tattoo session, with a shrine built especially for you
  • N-DUBZ – become the band’s number one fan, as they admire your photo
  • Chipmunk – the star tears up the dancefloor at a roller-disco, then reveals he keeps your picture close to his heart

    Pixie Lott – a chance to hang out with Pixie for a picnic in the sun – she’s got her sights on you.