Motorola Announces New Smartphone/Tablet

  • Dock smartphone to PC
  • Gingerbread operating system
  • Xoom tablet comes with docking station

Motorola has added a new smartphone to its stable of handsets, the Atrix, which was launched at a press conference this afternoon.

Feature of the handset include dual-core processor, fingerprint recognition and utilises the Gingerbread operating system.

Users will be able to dock the unit to the back of a notebook PC and be able to use the phone functions in the laptop operating system environment. You can also dock the phone into docking station and use the content on the phone on your television and other devices around the home.

It is a cool-looking smartphone that will be available on the Telstra Next G network.

Motorola also talked about its latest Tablet, the Xoom. It comes with a docking station that allows users to  watch video content, and it also has a pretty decent speaker that and speakerso you can listen to music. It will be available on June 7th.

Atrix $840
Xoom $849