Mobile phone saves man

A man is alive today thanks to his mobile phone which protected his heart from a stray bullet.

A man has been saved – quite literally – by his mobile phone while mowing the lawn.

New Orleans resident Ronald Richard was taking care of his yard when he felt something hard hit him in the chest. Richard thought he’d been hit by a rock flicked up by his ride-on lawn mower, but he discovered the real truth after he took off his sweater.

Inside the case for his Motorola Razr phone, Richard discovered a .45 caliber bullet – and the hole where it tore through his sweater. His mobile phone, literally, saved his life.

The strange thing is that Richard normally clips his phone to the hip pocket of his overalls, but on this particular day he hooked it around his neck.

“I don’t look at any of this as coincidence, ” said Richard. “I look at this as God telling me to put my cell phone in that pocket, and I’m grateful and humbled.”

MSNBC covered the story for their news broadcast, which is embedded below.

Sources: New Orleans Net, Switched, MSNBC