Mind Control to be this year’s hot toy?

The Mattel Mind Flux is unlike any toy you’ve ever played with because it doesn’t encourage you to use your hands; it works with the power of your mind.

You might expect the future to have a lot of things planned for your kids, but playing basketball with their brain probably isn’t what you had in mind.

Not quite that but sounding a lot like it is a new game from toy maker Mattel.

Mind Flex is a new gadgety-toy that allows people to wear a headset which scans your brainwaves in order to control a fan that sites on the device. Using sheer power of the mind, you’ll try and get the fan to push a small ball through some hoops.

Ok, so it sounds a lot like the Incredible Machine or other physics games with the interesting exception that this thing is real.

Sort of.

It’s a new toy that plays on the concept of psychic games, the first in what’s expected to be a somewhat unusual line of games, toys, and computer accessories meant to allow you to control things using the power of your brain.

We have no idea how well this works and we can only imagine that because it’s being marketed to kids, might end up being little more than a gimmick.

But if you’re looking for something to keep the kids entertained when it’s raining outside, it might be worth a look.