Microsoft Sued Over Bing

A tech firm based in St Louis, US, is suing software giant Microsoft over alleged infringement over Bing search engine.

Seattle-based Microsoft is being sued by a tiny technology company from St Louis, Bing Information Design (BID), over the name of Microsoft’s search engine.

The suit was filed on December 16, alleging copyright infringements, with the St Louis company saying it has been using the name for the best part of 10 years. The company even claims Microsoft knew of its existence well before the new engine was launched.

What BID seem to be claiming is that a lot of people are getting confused between their company and the search engine. Of course, Microsoft totally disagree with the premise, and it’s hard not to disagree with them. Maybe BID are after a little publicity and some easy cash? Who knows, but one wonders why they decided to sue now, when the idea for Bing, and its launch, have been around for some time.