Microsoft extend Vista “downgrade” option

It hasn’t been long since Microsoft launched that confusing Vista ad campaign starring Jerry Seinfeld but it already seems as though Windows Vista’s “huff” is wearing thin.

It hasn’t been long since Microsoft launched that confusing ad campaign starring Bill Gates & Jerry Seinfeld promoting Windows Vista and it already seems as though Vista’s “huff” is wearing thin.

Microsoft have now announced that original equipment manufacturers as well as system builders will be able to provide Vista to XP discs as part of their Vista installation packages.

The discs called “downgrade discs” (because the move from Windows Vista to Windows XP is seen as a downgrade in Microsoft’s eyes) were previously set to stop being used on January 31, 2009 but now Microsoft have extended that deadline until July 31, 2009.

While this is happening, rumours are swelling that Microsoft’s next operating system currently named Windows 7 is likely to be on track for a mid-to-late 2009 release despite statements by the company to the contrary.

Could this extention be Microsoft’s only way of quelling much of the hatred people have for Windows Vista?

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