Microsoft announce Xbox LIVE Upgrade Pack

Microsoft announce an upgrade pack for those with Xbox 360 Arcades.

Microsoft are trying to deal their way into your wallet this Christmas – partly to dominate market share, and partly because they had to bundle something for all those Xbox 360 Arcade owners who need a hard drive to get the New Xbox Experience in November.

The press release even says as much, with it being the “perfect upgrade path” for the small minority of people not interested in things like Xbox LIVE and HDMI.

So what are Microsoft offering? For $150, you’ll get a 60GB hard drive, XBLA Arcade games, a headset, ethernet cable and a 3 month Gold subscription to Xbox Live as well as “additional game content” (whatever that means).

This could be a decent little pack, depending on what Arcade games are offered, although I’d like to have seen some Microsoft points thrown in as well. Still, if you’ve got an Xbox LIVE Arcade, then this is something you’ll want under your tree this holiday season.