Memory Cards With Built-in Wifi

  • Connects camera to computer to store pictures
  • Set it to automatically upload pics to computer
  • Automatically deletes pics stored on another device

Eye-Fi has announced the Australian launch of its wireless X2 series, which features built-in wifi. These memory cards are designed photo and video upload, sharing, organisation and back-up, claims the manufacturer.

An Eye-Fi card is used like a regular SDHC card to store photos and videos. However, the built-in wifi connects the camera to the user’s smartphone, tablet or computer.  Photos and videos are instantly uploaded from the camera to device as they are taken Eye-Fi provides both native apps (iOS, Android, desktop for Mac/Windows) and a web app for optimal on-device experience and access.  As such, Eye-Fi cards expand and extend the capabilities of existing digital cameras.

Users can connect their card to one of 25 social, printing or sharing sites for automatic upload straight from the camera. Or, for more individual sharing, users can pick from the content already delivered to their device and post to their favourite sites such as Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Picasa. Those who prefer to keep photos private can send an email to selected contacts with a unique link-back to view the images. And of course, printing at home or via an online printing service is said to be simple.

Eye-Fi cards make the organisation of photos without need of a cable or SD card reader to connect the camera and computer. Photos and videos are automatically uploaded in date-based folders. This feature also provides back-up for all photos and videos taken on the camera, so that should anything happen to the camera, the content is already stored and organised on another device. Eye-Fi’s high level of automatic organisation and back-up encourages people to stop using their SD cards as a backup or filing system, and rely on one Eye-Fi card rather than buying new SD cards when one is full.

All Eye-Fi X2 series cards also include Endless Memory, a feature which automatically frees up card space after content is safely transferred to the user’s device.  While 4GB and 8GB of on-card memory provide storage for thousands of photos and hours of video, Endless Memory removes the need to delete photos at the last minute in order to capture another shot. Endless Memory is a customisable feature, where a simple activation lets users set a threshold (eg. 50 percent capacity) after which the card automatically starts making space, only deleting content that has been stored on another device.

When without access to a wifi network, Eye-Fi’s unique Direct Mode enables users to upload on-the-go. Using the free Eye-Fi app, users can download photos and videos directly to any iPad, iPhone or Android device, even while at the beach or hiking in a remote area.  Content is then automatically sent from this device to the user’s private, personal photo cloud, Eye-Fi View, which provides users with seven days of free access to view, download or share content from any internet-connected web browser.

For unlimited storage and access to their personal photo cloud, users can upgrade to Eye-Fi Premium and get secure, long-term back up of photos and videos.  This is an ideal solution for travellers who may be without access to their PC for longer periods of time, as well as those looking for a more permanent back-up strategy.

4GB Connect X2 $59.99
8GB Mobile $99.99
8GB $119.99

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