Make Your Own NES!

Ever felt the need to make your own 8-bit game like the good ol’ days? Well… now you can

This is one for the gadget-freaks and young developers: Think Geek have released the Hydra Console Game Development Kit. You get a barebones system that puts out a little bit more power than the old 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment system (also known as the Famicom) with features like a NES compatible joystick port, PS/2 ports for mouse and keyboard, and game cartridge port, new work adaptor, USB, and video and audio ports.

The Hydra can be programmed in “Hydra Tiny BASIC” which is based off of the “Tiny BASIC” programming language.

At $200 US dollars, this is a steep entry for someone looking to enter a development environment for video games, but it’s definitely something cool for the developers and gadget-freaks who want to go old school.

Hydra Console Game Development Kit @ Think Geek