Longer Battery Life With Canon

Canon’s new range of compact cameras may not have wow factor, but upgrades basic functions

Canon Australia has added for new compacts to its Powershot range for 2010, which are claimed to have an array of new features that ensure users can shoot photos with ease, regardless of age or ability.

A new Intelligent Flash Exposure feature automatically detects scenes and leaves the camera to do the work for you. The new models all feature slimmer, more compact designs, with the A3100 IS and A3000 IS now featuring lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, enabling longer battery life so users can take more photos and never miss a moment.

Canon’s Intelligent Auto technology, previously only available in PowerShot’s higher-end models, has now been introduced into its entry-level range. The new PowerShot A3100 IS, A3000 IS, A495 and A490 all feature Intelligent Auto that recognises up to 18 different scenes (13 for the A490) from bright backlit scenes of moving people, to landscapes with blue skies, macros and sunsets. The technology then carries out the optimum image processing for that scene, ensuring that users can easily capture true-to-life shots every time.

The Intelligent Flash Exposure technology automatically detects whether flash is required and adjusts the flash output, shutter speed, aperture and ISO speed accordingly to best suit the photo being taken. Intelligent Flash Exposure is said to reduce problems such as shadow on faces, flash not reaching the subject or highlight blow-outs.

Further ensuring that users always take high-quality shots, all four models feature a new Low Light scene mode. Depending on the scene, the camera automatically controls the ISO sensitivity (from ISO400 to ISO3200) so that shooting low-light scenes is easier than ever before.

In addition, all models other than the PowerShot A490 include two new creative scene modes: ‘poster effect’, which intentionally changes the colour graduation of a shot so it appears like an old poster; and ‘super vivid’, which increases the colour saturation of the subject so users can enjoy greater depth of colour and more striking images.

A first for the Canon PowerShot A-series range, both the A3100 IS and A3000 IS feature lithium-ion batteries, allowing longer shooting time and the convenience of rechargeable batteries. The introduction of these batteries also results in a more streamlined, compact camera design for even greater portability.

The A3100 IS is available in silver, red and blue and the A3000 IS in a contrasting black and silver design.

The PowerShot A495 IS is available in three different colours silver, red and blue, and the A490 in a contrasting black and silver design.