LocoRoco 2 previewed in a Flash game

‘Tis the season for video game inspired Flash games. Why not get a little bit of LocoRoco 2 in to cheer up your day!

Seems to be the season for Flash games based on games with two new games sent to us today that’ll be sure to waste your time at work… and actually have to do with games.

Today we’ve got an online preview of the upcoming PlayStation Portable title “LocoRoco 2”. If you never got to play the original LocoRoco, it’s a weird & wacky colourful adventure that needs only the most basic of movements and open of imaginations to enjoy. It’s one of those games that I like to call “typically Japanese” and now you can have the chance to play some of the levels online!

Games.co.uk have gone in and separated it from its original site but if you want to see more, hit the original site for more info.

We’ve got a confirmed date of November 27th so it’s not long now ’till you get something new and fun running for its life on the PSP.