Live Blog: New iPads and more?

It's Apple-announcement eve, and the Cupertino company is getting ready to unveil two new iPads and more. While Apple may have accidentally revealed the names of the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, we're expecting to learn more about them aside from the fact they have a Touch ID sensor, and potentially see some new iMacs. 

We'll be live blogging Apple's iPad event from 4am AEST tomorrow morning (3am if you're in Queensland).

You'll be able to follow along here for the latest news as it happens.

In the meantime, click here for our thoughts on what Apple might announce.

Live Blog

4:02am – Apple have started the event with a video of iPhone launch day footage from around the world. 

4:04am – CEO Tim Cook takes the stage – "We've got a few more things to show you"

4:05am – New record set for first month orders ever taken, "by a lot". 

4:08am – Apple have signed on another 500 banks for Apple Pay, even more retailers have comitted to rollout between the end of the year

4:09am – American iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users can start using Apple Pay on Monday

4:10am – The Apple Watch is on the cover of Vogue China this month. Some partners have started building apps for Apple Watch, all developers will be able to start build Apple Watch "experiences" in November

4:12am – Craig Federighi is on stage to give an update on iOS 8 and OS XYosemite. 94% of Apple users are on iOS 7 or iOS 8. 48% are on iOS 8 after a month. In comparison, only 25% are on Kit Kat after over 300 days.  

4:16am – There's a Klingon keyboard available in the App Store, good to know! 

4:19am – iOS 8.1 will address top sources of customer feedback, will bring back Camera Roll and enable Apple Pay. 

4:23am – Craigh is reiterating Yosemite's key features – the redesign, Safari, Mail, Messages and iTunes.  

4:24am – The entire iWork suite is getting an update for Yosemite – Keynote, Pages and Numbers

4:25am – iCloud drive will be availabe on PC "in case you have to work under extreme duress" 

4:26am – Users can now Airdrop between Yosemite and iOS, and Airplay to an Apple TV without the need for a Wi-Fi connection 

4:27am – We're getting a demo of Continuity. 

4:30am – Craig is making a phone call to Stephen Colbert to demonstrate Yosemite's ability to make phone calls. It's pretty funny – he just referred to Tim Cook as "Chairman Honeycrisp" 

4:32am – "Do you know what I see when I look at my wrist? MY WRIST!"

4:33am – Keynotes can be controlled using Apple Watch 

4:35am – Yosemite is available today! For free! 

4:36am – iOS 8.1 on Monday, iWork update also available today, for iOS and OS X, also for free 

4:37am – Tim Cook is back on stage to talk about iPad 

4:38am – Apple have sold over 225 million iPads around the world

4:39am – iPad has consistently been rated number 1 in customer satisfaction, and iPad mini wth Retina has apparently got 100% in customer satisfaction 

4:42am – "How do you make it better?" asks Tim. Cue video. iPad Air 2 will be even thinner. "Look how thin it is, can you even see it?"

4:43am – 6.1mm thin, 18% than the iPad Air according to Phil Schiller. You can stack two and they'll still be thinner than the original iPad

4:45am – Runs a new chip called A8X – 64 bit architecture, 40% faster than the iPad Air. Graphic performance is upto 180 times faster than the original iPad  

4:47am – 10 hours of battery life. iPad Air 2 features the same motion tracker as the iPhone 6. 

4:48am – New iPad camera is 8MP, aperture of 2.4, can shoot 1080p.

4:50am – iPad Air 2 can take panoromas, burst mode photography, timelapse video and slow-motion video.  

4:51am – New front-facing camera too – very similar to the iPhone 6, can take HDR selfies

4:52am – iPad Air 2 has Touch ID. Will be able to use Apple Pay to make purchases within Apps. 

5:01am – iPad Air 2 starts from USD$499 for WiFi with 16GB. USD$599 for 64GB, 128GB will be USD$699. Celluar versions will be USD$130 extra. 

5:02am – iPad mini 3 starts from USD$399 for 16GB for WiFi. USD$499 for 64GB, USD$599 for 128GB. Celluar versions will be USD$130 extra

5:03am – All will be available in grey, silver and gold. iPad mini 3 only has a 5MP camera. 

5:03am – Original iPad mini will still be sold for USD$249, iPad mini 2 will be USD$299.

5:05am – Phil is talking about Mac now and Retina. Cue video introducing Retina iMac. 

5:06am – Well, iMac with Retina Display, to be precise. 

5:07am – 27-inch model has a 5120 x 2880  display, dubbed the Retina 5K display. About 14 million pixels. 7 times more pixels than HD. 

5:08am – Apparently Apple have to create new materials to make such a high density display. 

5:09am – Supports pixel-for-pixel 4K video editing 

5:13am – Upgradable to 4GHz quad-core Intel Core i7. Has Thunderbolt 2, comes with a terabyte Fusion Drive standard.

5:14am – iMac with Retina Display will cost USD$2499 for entry level model including 3.5GHz and 8GB Ram. Starts shipping in the US today. 

5:15am – Mac mini is getting a small upgrade too, adding in 4th-gen Intel processors, and Thunderbolt 2 ports. Now starts at USD$499. Shipping in the US from today too. 

5:17am – Tim's back on stage, sounds like he's starting to wrap up the event 

5:20am – Yep, he's closing the event – that's a wrap. No Apple TV news unfortunately