Lightweight Lifebook For Travellers

Fujitsu’s handheld PC can is an interesting little unit, even if its portability claims are a little exaggerated.

Fujitsu announces the release of LifeBook UH900, a handheld PC which promises to inject ultimate mobility with its ultra lightweight and über-sleek design. Featuring a generous 62GB solid-state drive (SSD) storage space and weighing less than 500g, the UH900 also boasts full Windows 7 compatibility including multi-touch support, making it the ideal travelling companion.

Weighing in at 500g, the unit is less than an inch thick, while its 20.4cm x 10.65cm body mimics the size of a long wallet and can sit in a handbag. Fujitsu even claims it can fit in your pocket, though it would certainly be a tight fit with most.

Viewing comes via its 5.6-inch vivid glare screen that is typically 60 percent to 80 percent bigger than commercial mobile handsets. It is capable of displaying a full-width web page, the UH900 also supports all windows-based pages including flash animation and forms-filling.

Thoughtfully designed to outperform in PC convenience, the Fujitsu LifeBook UH900’s mobility is further exemplified with its five thumb-controlled Touch Buttons panel at the flanks of the screen such as resolution change, ECO button for extending battery life up to three hours, or to launch media programs. It is also possible to program these three buttons to a favourite applications. Page up and down viewing is also made simple with a single touch of a button as well.

Combined with a thumb-glide point and buttons that substitutes the use of an external mouse, using the UH900 as a handheld will be a breeze. Besides supporting the new multi-touch capability for two finger touch output, the LifeBook UH900 also comes bundled with a pen for more precise input.

The LifeBook UH900 possesses a full suite of wireless connectivity and communication tools such as Bluetooth support, web camera, stereo mic and with an additional integrated 3.5G technology configuration which allows high-speed internet, claims Fujitsu.
Featuring the Fujitsu DVD sharing application, wireless sharing of an external DVD from another PC is made effortlessly easy and location-free.