Life Time Maps From Garman

  • Map updates free for life of device
  • Automatically remembers favourite places
  • 3D terrain indicators

Navteq lifetime map updates will be available for free in the box for Garmin’s 2012 nüvi 2000/3000 range meaning there’s no more to pay for the life of your device.

By offering free lifetime map updates in the box of its new nüvi 2000/3000 range, Garmin believes it has made purchasing a PND simpler and better value for Australian consumers.

The nüvi 2000 and 3000 series are also powered by two new navigation engines, offering as intuitive user interface. Guidance 2.0 and Guidance 3.0 will also deliver a host of new features

Following the acquisition of Navigon last year, Garmin added personal navigation on iPhone and Android devices to its stable of navigational products.

With Garmin’s Free Lifetime Map Updates, consumers will have up-to-date mapping information for the life of their nüvi, without any additional or ongoing costs, claims the company. In a maturing category with fierce competition, this move is a boost for the industry, presenting PNDs as much better value and even easier to use for everyone. The nüvi 2000 and 3000 series are powered by Guidance 2.0 and 3.0 respectively. Garmin’s new navigation engines offer a range of features including speed limit indicators, 3D terrain and automatic dual orientation.

The new nüvi 24X5 and 25X5 are suitable for either a short drive across the city or cruising across the country. With Guidance 2.0, users are provided with routing and map displays, intuitive destination searches and the ability to see and select businesses on the map. PhotoReal junction view helps users navigate unfamiliar exits and intersections, providing images of the road ahead and marking the correct lane. Selected models also offer you voice-activated navigation for hands-free operation.

At less than 9mm, the nüvi 3450LMT and 3490LMT feature a pinch-to-zoom touchscreen and automatic dual orientation. Garmin has also added a five-inch model to the series, the nüvi 3590LMT, which has a slim design and large screen. 

The nüvi 3000 series includes Garmin’s Guidance 3.0 navigation engine, which offers the features of Guidance 2.0 and more. With the addition of myTrends technology, units automatically remember your favourite place to go and can predict your destination without needing to activate a route. PhotoReal junction view is also enhanced by Guidance 3.0, with Bird’s Eye junction view highlighting the correct lanes on complex intersections from an overhead perspective.

nüvi 2455LM $249
nüvi 2455LMT $299
nüvi 2495LMT $349
nüvi 2595LMT $399
nüvi 3450LMT $449
nüvi 3490LMT $499
nüvi 3590LMT $549