LG takes noise out of the picture

Trying to talk on a mobile phone in a noisy place can be a huge pain but one new technology being talked about at CES changes everything.

By now you’ve seen the LG Watch Phone, a product that’s being showcased to the world live at CES.

But if you’re not there, you’re not able to hear about one of the really cool things LG hope to be doing to many of their phones by the end of the year.

One of the biggest problems that mobile phone users suffer from is the problem of background noise. Like that which plagues people with headphones in crowded & noisy areas, background noise is one of the more irritating problems that almost always becomes an issue when trying to speak over a mobile phone.

“Hold on,” you’ll often say to people. “I’m just going to go somewhere a little quieter!”

Well LG are on to this problem. They know you don’t like it and are working on a solution in the form of a technology called DSE.T.

The idea behind DSE.T is a dual-microphone noise cancellation design that should get rid of most of the background noise people suffer from while also make your voice sound a lot clearer.

There are other forms of noise-cancelling technology used in other brands of phones but this new one from LG definitely looks promising.