LG plans to reinvent the home TV experience with webOS 6.0

LG today announced its upcoming revamp of LG TV’s operating system, webOS.

The sixth release of this operating system provides a redesigned experience for users, making it easier than ever to find your favourite content.

This new interface is designed to be more similar to a smartphone interface, allowing you to navigate on a familiar platform and easing the way you use your television.

Any device with NFC capability can be paired with the TV remote, which then mirrors the TV to your phone and allows you to navigate the TV interface right from your device, making searching and text entry easy.

The new Home Screen displays your most frequently used apps and provides content suggestions based on your previous viewing history.

webOS 6.0 is coming to all of LG’s 2021 TV lineup across entry-level models right to the top OLED models.

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