LG Offers Ultra-Slim TV

LG lets loose a 55-inch slim television in time for Christmas

LG Electronics has launched a new ultra-slim full LED LCD TV that is said to offers a bright and clear screen due to its backlighting that employs a total of 3,360 LED.

It also has which is seven times more than existing edge-lit LED TVs. The LH95 also features a 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio through enhanced dimming technology that divides the screen into 200 blocks. With a refresh rate of 200 Hz, this TV maintains a vibrant, smooth image even during fast-paced action scenes.

“LG is rapidly increasing its range of premium LED LCD TV’s in response to consumer demand,” said Warren Kim, TV Category Marketing Manager, LG Electronics Australia. “Globally, LG plans to aggressively expand this category next year, aiming for three to four million unit sales. 2010 will see further expansion of LED LCD models to suit different market segments. The LH95 ultra-slim model is not only positioned as the premium product in LG’s LED LCD range, but also offers everything a customer could want in a TV in terms of picture quality, size, and connectivity.”

The LH95 employs patented technology that helps keep the overall chassis thickness down to 24.8mm. This proprietary technology allows the LEDs to be spread-out horizontally and minimises the distance between the LEDs and the screen. Another innovation offered in the new LH95 is the enhanced wireless feature which eliminates the need for image compression. Content can be sent from DVD players, game consoles or home-theatre units wirelessly in full HD 1080p format without any degradation.