LG Folding Phone – Too Cool

LG has shown off a design concept that has a mobile phone becoming headphones

UK tech website Electricpig has got wind of a concept phone mooted by LG that looks like the next in mobile technology.

Part of LG’s Design The Future competition, this concept took out the winners award, which is a mobile handset that turns in to a set of headphones, so you can not only listen to music, but take phone calls as well.

On the back of its mobile phone watch, LG certainly seems to be at the cutting edge of mobile technology.

Of course, one downside wearing a handset on your head is the radiation that comes with it. While that is not so much an issue down here at the moment, it is big news in Europe. So if LG takes it one stop further – from design to reality – it will be interesting to see how they address these concerns.