Legal action over faulty batteries?

Japanese computer makers Toshiba, Fujitsu and Hitachi said today they were considering seeking compensation from Sony Corp over the massive recall of Sony-made batteries used in their laptop computers.

The massive global recall of Sony lithium-ion batteries followed the discovery that the batteries could short-circuit and cause some computers to overheat and possibly catch fire.

Toshiba Corp, which is recalling 830,000 Sony battery packs, said it was considering various measures including seeking compensation for lost business or damage to its brand image as a result of the recall.

“We are considering various possibilities, but we have not made a final decision,” company spokeswoman Junko Furuta said. Fujitsu Ltd said seeking compensation was “possible” but that it needed to carry out its recall first before deciding the extent of damage on the company’s business.

Fujitsu announced recently that it would replace 51,000 more Sony-made laptop batteries around the world, in addition to the recall of 287,000 others earlier this month.

Its spokesman Toshiaki Koike said the company would ask Sony to cover the cost needed for the battery exchange program.

Hitachi Ltd, which is recalling about 16,000 batteries, also said seeking a compensation from Sony was an option, but company spokesman Masayuki Takeuchi said replacing the faulty products was a priority and would decide a measure after discussing with Sony.

Source: SMH

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