K-Mart fined over Fable II

Retailer K-Mart have been punished heavily by Microsoft for breaking the sales embargo on Fable II.

K-Mart made a gigantic slip-up the other week by selling Fable II before the embargo date.

Around 200 copies of the game were sold before the error was spotted and K-Mart removed the game from their shelves.

Microsoft fined K-Mart $10,000 for the aggravation caused. Now that’s not a whole lot, especially to a large retailer like K-Mart.

Unfortunately, K-Mart won’t be able to sell Gears of War 2. Not straight away, anyway – Microsoft are preventing the retailer from selling any copies until the 21st of November. And given that K-Mart are part of the Coles Myer Group, other stores like Target and Myer might miss out as well.

GoW 2 is set to come out on the 7th of November.

Source: Gameplayer