Joymax Listens to Fans After Criticism

  • Patches put in place
  • XP penalty removed
  • New Digimon types

Gaming developer Joymax has announced the start of a series of new content and changes brought about by feedback from gamers who play the online massive multiplayer title, Digimon Masters.  The company has launched the first of several patches which will include functional game changes as well as new Mercenary Digimon.  

The first part of the updateaddressed player requests that were related to experience point (XP) deductions andlow drop-hatch rates: the XP penalty for extended game play has been removed, and the drop-hatch rates have been increased. In addition, several new Digi-Eggs were added to the cash shop: Keramon, Hawkmon, and Petimeramon.

Future content updates, that aredue out soon,will include an expanded cash shopwithmorepaymentmethods,a new game server named Lucemon,two special Digivolutions for Beelzemon and MetalGarurumon, eight new Digimon including Agumon and Tentomon, and last but not least, three new maps..