Jawbone Headset With Military Grade Noise Suppression

  • Headset designed for mobile phones
  • Comes with built-in accelerometer
  • Tap to answer phone

Jawbone ERA is a Bluetooth headset that is claimed to deliver the highest quality HD audio experience and has a 25 percent larger wideband speaker than most that brings Hi-Definition audio as you talk on the phone, listen to music, watch movies and play games.  

It has military-grade NoiseAssassin 3.0 technology and can detect your surroundings and adjust the inbound volume and intelligibility, whether you’re in a shopping centre, stadium or traffic.  You can always hear and be heard wherever you are, claims the manufacturer.

Jawbone teamed with Fullpower-MotionX to create the first headset with a built-in accelerometer integrated with the patented MotionX platform.  

Jawbone ERA detects your natural movements when you interact with it.  Out of the box, users can “ShakeShake” the Jawbone ERA into pairing mode, and “TapTap” it to answer or end a phone call. 

Jawbone ERA headset is a tiny computer on the ear, complete with multi-processor architecture and serial flash, paving the way for applications on the headset down the road.  People can use several new apps, including Caller ID that will identify callers by name in a friendly, non-robotic voice.  As with all Jawbone products, Jawbone ERA can be updated via the MyTALK platform. 

Jawbone ERA is available in four designs: Shadowbox, Smokescreen, Midnight and Silver Lining.