Jawbone Claims Highest Audio Clarity Ever

Audio technology company Aliph says its new Jawbone gear has military-grade noise reduction

Jawbone Prime and Jawbone 2 are said to feature military-grade NoiseAssassin technology, as well as its patented Voice Activity Sensor, which is claimed to distinguish the sound of your voice from ambient noise.

It then uses proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms to subtract the noise so only the sound of your voice comes through.

In creating Jawbone Prime, engineers concentrated on enhancing its functionality in harsh noise situations and also addressed the problem of wind, which can traditionally cause problems for mobile phones and headsets. Utilising NoiseAssassin 2.0, which is said to provide five times better call clarity and delivering up to nine decibels of improvement in noise suppression, Jawbone Prime allows you to call from the noisiest of environments and still be heard.

Jawbone Prime also comes in Earcandy colours for the younger fashion conscious audience further reinforcing Jawbone’s commitment to design and style.

Jawbone has a rated talk time of four hours and rated standby time of more than eight days. It also comes with a magnetic charging base.

Jawbone Prime and Jawbone 2 are available at a number of retailers including Yes Optus stores, Leading Edge Telecoms, Telechoice, Telstra Stores and selected independent Mobile Phone Retailers.


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