iTunes update swindles your credit

The latest iTunes update features an account-crippling bug.

There’s a lot of good fixes in the latest iTunes update, fixing MP3 issues, connectivity, and bug fixes.

Unfortunately, there’s a new bug that trumps all the others – it steals your iTunes credit.

The bug, tested and confirmed by APC Magazine, appears if you have any credit in your account, from a voucher or gift card, when you apply the update. Once updated, the credit disappears and the account will no longer be able to purchase anything off iTunes – including songs that are free to download.

If you’ve got credit in your account, your best bet is to hold off the update or use all your credit. Chances are Apple will have it fixed soon, but unless you want to go through the rigmarole of a support ticket you’re best off waiting for the next patch.

Source: APC Magazine