Is this the beginning of a 3D gaming health scare?

According to the buzz from CES this year, most of the major game publishers are readying Nintendo 3DS titles – like Ubisoft for example who will have at least half a dozen games will supporting 3D.

Electronic Arts' is also upgrading itself to the third dimension but is this also the start of a new health problem?

Nintendo posted on its Japanese website- "For children under the age of 6, looking at 3D images for a long time could possibly have a negative impact on the growth of their eyes," and also warned gamers to take a break every 30 minutes when playing games in 3D mode.

The 3DS has a slider that allows players to switch from 3D to 2D.

With big companies like Sony, NVIDIA, Nintendo, Activision and Ubisoft investing heavily in 3D games, it's not something that's going to go away and over the nest 12- 18 months, we will be hearing more and more about the health effects of 3D gaming.