Intel plans new Centrino chip

The processor for laptops and handheld devices will have increased IT management and security features as well as an 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter.

Intel said it would launch this quarter a Centrino Pro mobile processor that includes the company’s vPro technology, which increases previous security levels and gives an IT staff the ability to manage a notebook over a wireless network.

Code-named Santa Rosa, the new package includes a Core 2 Duo processor, an improved graphics chipset code-named Crestline, and an 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter.

The vPro technology includes Intel’s Active Management Technology, which in conjunction with third-party applications provides for controlling PCs from a central location to fix problems. Also built into the platform is technology for discovering a PC even when it is powered off.

Other key features in the upgrade include Intel’s Trusted Execution Technology, previously code-named LaGrande, which, among other attributes, gives software developers the option of programming to features in the chipset that protect applications once a virus or other malicious code has invaded a desktop system.

The features include starting up a software program into a known, trusted state set when the application is first installed, and preventing compromised software from being launched.

Source: iTNews

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