In-Car Blu-ray From Panasonic

Panasonic take the Blu-ray experience to its logical conclusion – the car!

While some of us have yet to get a Blu-ray player for the home cinema, Panasonic is already extending the technology to the next logical area of entertainment where it is suited – the car.
The CY-BB1000D (a mouthful eh?) in-car Blu-ray player is an option that complements the company’s two-part in-car entertainment system the CN-HX900D.

Although not BD-Live compatible the unit still gives the kids in the back seat an HD experience while travelling those long distances.

The main entertainment unit has a myriad of features including a Windows-powered GPS, CD/DVD player, five-channel amplifier, Bluetooth, One-Seg tuner, seven-inch LCD (1,280×720), 40GB hard drive and iPhone/iPod compatibility.

The unit is dash-mountable, and at the time of writing no RRP was available or when it will go on sale to the general public,