Ichan Reignites Hopes of a Yang-Microsoft Deal

After helping get rid of Jerry Yang as the top dog at Yahoo, Carl Ichan is still hoping a deal can be done with Microsoft

Investor Carl Ichan gave Yahoo founder Jerry Yang a helping hand at jumping ship late last year after the former accused the latter of nixing a deal between the search engine giant and Microsoft.

Ichan believed that Yang was not acting in the best interests of Yahoo as Yang opposed last year’s attempt at a merger from the get-go. Icahn had invested heavily in Yahoo, and he felt that Yang was opposing the merger more for personal reasons, as opposed to financial/economic ones.

On the face of it, it looked like a good deal for both parties, but Microsoft quickly lost interest after being rebuked by Yang.

Since then, Yang has stepped aside and Icahn looks like he might be trying to reignite the deal, with a couple of sources saying the companies are close to a search and online advertising deal.

The deal would involve Microsoft paying Yahoo several billion dollars upfront to take over its search advertising business and guarantee certain payments back to Yahoo, according to the AllThingsDigital blog.