Huge Range Of Toshiba Notebooks Released

Toshiba has gone all-out to impress with a massive range of computers just being released.

Toshiba has released more than 20 laptop computers in it latest roll out, including those that are at an entry-level, have increased battery life, while others concentrate on connectivity.

Most of the new range has LED screens, which are said to give a sharper picture quality to multimedia applications whilst also using less power.

Also included in a number of notebooks is Toshiba’s Resolution+ AV technology allowing users to upscale standard definition DVDs.

Consumers can choose the type of processor in the new range with either Intel’s new Core i Series of processors or AMD Vision. (Refer to models for specific availability).
The new Satellite T110 and T130 ensure entry-level computing is sleek and stylish, and comes with an HDMI connection to keep you linked to your multi-media applications. The Satellite ‘T-series’ is the first consumer range of Toshiba notebooks with the new energy-efficient Ultra Low Voltage processors giving up to nine hours battery life (dependent upon use).

The Qosmio F60 offers HD video and audio. Other features include a 15.6-inch HD widescreen, NVIDIA graphics, Harman Kardon speakers and a Blu-ray burner. It also comes with Resolution+ which upscales your standard definition DVD movies. The Qosmio X500 is claimed to be suitable for gamers who want to be seen – with its fiery red casing and backlit black keyboard.

The new NB300 and NB305 range offers nine hours battery life (dependent upon use) means you don’t need to worry about the power cable for an all-day computing partnership.

Satellite T11D from $699-$899
Satellite T130 from $1099-$1399
Satellite U500 from $1499-$1799
Satellite L500 from $599 – $1399
Satellite A500 from $1399 – $1699
Satellite L550 from $1599
Satellite P500 from $1999 $2499
Qosmio F60 from $1899
Qosmio X500 from $2699
NB300 and NB305 from $599