How to manage what your kids can watch on Netflix, Stan, Presto and Quickflix

Australia's streaming revolution is giving us access to an incredible wealth of content. Of course, not all of this content is family friendly, meaning you might not want to necessarily leave your kids alone with such services. However, Stan, Netflix, Presto and Quickflix all have varying degrees of parental controls. Here's how the four major Australian streaming services currently manage what your children can watch.

Stan lets you create multiple user profiles per account. When you do this, you've got the choice of an unrestricted profile, a profile restricted to content Stan thinks is appropriate for children, or a profile restricted to a certain rating, such as MA. Whenever a user tries to switch between these, they require a PIN, meaning your toddler couldn't accidentally get into the profile you've made for your teenager, or to your unrestricted one.

Netflix also uses a profile system, which lets you designate whether an account belongs to an adult, teenager, older child or young child. Like Stan, Netflix also allows you to set a PIN to protect an account.

Presto takes a much simpler approach to parental controls: you simply select which classification is okay to watch. Anything higher than this classification will require the user to enter a PIN. For example, if you've said PG content is okay for your children to watch, they'll be asked for a PIN if they try and watch an M or MA rated movie.

Quickflix's parental controls are almost identical to Presto's. The one key difference is that users are required to enter a PIN for content with a rating equal to or higher than the rating chosen, rather than just equal. This means that if you set a PIN for PG, kids will only be able to watch G rated content without a PIN.

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